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A Vision for Small Business
Our Goal So Far

Our goal has been to level the playing field for small restaurants and their owners giving them the opportunity to compete with the big chain restaurants. Phase 1 was to create a menu system that is offered for free to restaurant owners. Phase 2 has just been completed as we migrate to our new servers. Every restaurant will now receive with the menu package a website to give thema place on the
Our Future Goals

Our future goals are to introduce and offer digital ad driven menus.The first of these menus will be introduced this year in 2016. Another project currently in the works is the introduction of our own digital TV station. We have other projects in the works that will only increase the exposure for our small business community. We will also be introducing a website that is dedicated to the small businesses that also participate in this program.
Be Part of Our Community

Join us at Time-2-Eat and let us promote your restaurant. Shortly (for the advertiser) we will be moving the ad templates to this wesite.This will allow you to purchase your ads directly from this site. We are also developing a site just for the advertisers as we are creating here for the restaurants
Ad Details

Time-2-Eat is an ad-driven program. Just like all the most popular websites on the internet, like Google and Facebook, we are totally free to use, and make all of our revenue through advertising.

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This website has been designed by Time-2-Eat for its member restaurants. This locatin has been organized for those who are interested in joining the Time-2-Eat community. As a member of this community you will be given the opportunity to promote in a manner that will help you compete with the large restaurant chains without compromizing your individuality.